Croaker Woody’s are handcrafted “tom” drums with superior sound qualities and unmatched craftsmanship. Woody’s are hexagonal in shape following in the style of the Wojik Brush Box and sound characteristics of the Studio Cajons. Woody’s are available in three sizes. Little Woody is 14.5” x 13” x 3.5”. The Woody is 18" x 16" x 5.5". Big Woody is 18" x 16" x 7.5".

All of the Woody drums are able to fit in a standard snare basket. The Little Woody and The Woody are available with an optional L-Rod mount installed for ease of use and integration with existing systems and optional mounting on cymbal stands. The Big Woody is available with optionally installed floor tom leg mounts with legs and include memory locks for quick setup.

The Woody box is made of solid Maple and the Tapa is exotic veneer on birch plywood. The Tapa is secured with stainless steel screws. The Bass sound port is ideally sized to provide specific tonal resonance. The finish is clear lacquer.

Woody tapas are available in many exotic wood veneers. Check availability in each of the Standard Edition, Limited Edition, and Rare Woods Edition collections. Each wood species provides distinctive sound characteristics.