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Modern Drummer - January 2019 Edition

Honored to be mentioned in Modern Drummer Magazine.


Check out the sound our Studio Cajons produce. Here is Artists Kaela Fanelli and Austin Vuolo of From Blue, To Greene with a brief demonstration.

Austin's Studio Cajon in Ebony with Bendid Strings snare system.

Kaela's Studio Cajon in Karelean Burled Birch with Bendid Strings snare system.

Brush Box

Check out the sound you can create with our Wojik Brush Box.  Artist Tom Cottone is playing a Wojik Brush Box in Quarter-sawn Sycamore and a Studio Cajon in Karelian Burled Birch.

Featured Artists

From Blue, To Greene

From Blue, To Greene is a band originating from New Jersey comprised of couple Kaela Fanelli & Austin Vuolo. Kaela and Austin both perform using multiple instruments including vocals, guitar, percussion, beatboxing, & violin interchangeably.

Mark Spellman

Mark Spellman is from the West coast of Ireland.  He's a singing troubadour from the bands Without George and Ramtrout, a duo with Rameen Shayegan.

Featured Products

New products are coming soon!

Croaker Percussion

Croaker Percussion is dedicated to creating quality handcrafted percussion instruments with superior sound qualities and unmatched craftsmanship.  Croaker products are available with patent pending Bendid Strings technology to provide a snare sound effect through the unique installation of guitar strings.  Croaker cajons provide a deep resonate bass sound, beautiful mid tones and, when equipped with snares or strings, crisp high frequencies.  Croaker Wojik Brush Boxes have a unique finish on the surface to accentuate the brushing strokes. Each product is made from quality materials and cuts are made to optimize features of the wood grain.  Our Cajon drums and Brush Box snare drum products compliment your acoustic percussion performances.

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Croaker Percussion is dedicated to creating quality handcrafted percussion instruments with superior sound qualities. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, concerns or special requests.

Croaker Percussion

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