Introducing the Wojik Brush Box with Bendid Strings.  The Wojik Brush Box was designed in collaboration with percussionist Mike Wojik.  Mike needed a product that could recreate brush sounds in a portable acoustic instrument.   The Wojik Brush Box is a high quality hand crafted custom brushing box.  The box is made of solid Maple and the Tapa is exotic veneer on birch plywood.  Each brush box incorporates patent pending Bendid Strings to provide a snare sound effect through our unique installation of guitar strings.  The tapa surface has a unique finish to accentuate the brushing strokes.  The box comes included with a guitar strap with Schaller style connectors.  The sound ports are ideally located and sized to provide optimal resonance.  The brush box may be played in your lap with the strap around your waist keeping it ideally situated, or it may be played upright with the strap over one shoulder.  The Tapa is secured with stainless steel screws.  The outer finish is clear lacquer.  The brush box measures approximately 18" x 16" x 2.5".

Wojik Brush Box in Zebrawood

Wojik Brush Box and Studio Cajon