Studio Shaker

Croaker Studio Shaker

The Croaker Studio Shaker is a handmade high quality wood and titanium shaker. The body of the shaker is thin titanium tube, hand cut to 6.5" in length. The end caps are machine cut from end-grain cedar wood. There is an inner divider separating the shaker into two chambers. Each chamber is filled with an equal amount of percussive beads.

The Studio Shaker produces a warm melodic sound. It excels in the studio with quality microphones. It can be played in several different ways creating many different sounds. It is designed to be held like a traditional tube shaker, or held upright and played like a maraca, utilizing the upper chamber.



Titanium is a lightweight, high-strength, low-corrosion metal with a silver color. Titanium's high-strength allows for the shaker tube to be very thin, yet durable and light. This gives the Croaker Studio Shaker exceptional sound quality and the ability to last a lifetime. It just may be the last shaker you need.