Gig Shaker

Croaker Gig Shaker

The Croaker Gig Shaker is a handmade high quality wood and aluminum shaker. The body of the shaker is thin aluminum tube.  It is hand cut to 6.5" in length and polished. The end caps are machine cut from end-grain cedar wood. There is an inner  divider separating the shaker into two chambers. Each chamber is filled with an equal amount of percussive beads.

The Gig Shaker produces a bright musical sound. It excels at cutting through at a gig. It can be played in several different ways creating many different sounds. It can be held like a traditional tube shaker, or held upright and played like a maraca, using only the upper chamber.



Aluminum is a silvery-white, soft, nonmagnetic metal.  Aluminum is very lightweight and makes for an excellent shaker body. The soft metal combined with the percussive beads allows the Croaker Gig Shaker to create a bright sound.